Welcome to DifferentRead!

This course emphasizes on interrelationships of oral/written communication; investigates application of concepts, skills,
and procedures for teaching literacy across a broad spectrum of student needs. It also provides an opportunity for
prospective teachers to investigate concepts, skills, and procedures for teaching literacy to children with andwithout
disabilities across the developmental range. It emphasizes the relationship between oral and written communication
and supports a balanced, evidence-based approach to literacy instruction.

This is a venue for graduate students and professionals to engage in scholarly discussions on topics pertaining to differentiated instructions. Some suggestions are:
1. Differentiated instruction using digital literacies
2. Individualization of learning
3. Classroom organization to promote/facilitate differentiation or individualization
4. Differentiated Instructions: Is it individualized instructions?
5. Assessment of the Effects of Differentiated Instructions
6. Intervention tools and strategies for mixed-ability classrooms
7. Does differentiating instruction enhance student achievement and teacher practice?